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« on: December 14, 2016, 04:19:27 pm »
turbo.js website

turbo.js github repository

The easy way to supercharge your number-crunching.

turbo.js is a small library that makes it easier to perform complex calculations that can be done in parallel. The actual calculation performed (the kernel executed) uses the GPU for execution. This enables you to work on an array of values all at once.

turbo.js is compatible with all browsers (even IE when not using ES6 template strings) and most desktop and mobile GPUs.

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Re: turbo.js
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What you're seeing below are my results seen in my FF 50.1.0 under my native Win XP Pro Sp3 on my pair of SLI-bridged nVidia GTX 550Ti graphics cards that host a total of nearly 400 CUDA processors working in parallel under the most recent v368.81 OpenGL/OpenCL(CUDA)/PhysiX driver for that GPU brand directly from nVidia.

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Re: turbo.js
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As ever, it's a case of 'your mileage may vary'.