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Gambas 3 OSX
« on: June 16, 2011, 06:18:17 am »
Quote from: François Gallo
Hello the english community of Gambas,

I ported the Gambas 3 project to Mac OS X 10.6.
it works perfectly and all its components.

Currently, there is only one component that makes problem, it's gb.sdl.
This is a detail that i will fix soon with Laurent Carlier (gb.sdl's author).

Of course, you won't get the gb.v4l component which is exclusively reserved
for the GNU/Linux operating system and very linked to its kernel.

If you use an earlier version (10.5), I can't confirm that the compilation procedure will go fine.
However, Mac OS X 10.7 upcoming and i'll ensure the availability of Gambas on this new

Why is this port ?

Just because my goals are to work on the portability of Gambas.
Thus making the independent development from operating system, and provide
to everyone this wonderful programming language developed by Benoît Minisini.

Gambas is ported only on Mac OS X ?

In the future, as the Benoît's answer, i would like to see it to others operating systems.
I don't stop here ! I currently on the FreeBSD port of Gambas 3.

I develop in Gambas 2, and i've some projects in this version, Will you port Gambas 2 as well ?

my answer is willingly NO. Gambas 3 marks a step forward in its evolution in the core (gambas' kernel)
and its elements around.  (IDE, components...)
I can only encourage you to port yours projects to Gambas 3 :) .

I am interested to port Gambas to other OS, do you work alone ?

Any help is welcome! Free time is sometimes difficult to obtain, so the development is slow.
You can start one on your side. It's a nice training to learn the compilation mechanics and
understand how Gambas is made up ! :) .

Where can i download Gambas3 for Mac OS X ? Did you done a source tarball ?

No links are currently available.
Wait the time i make a package for Mac OS X.

For source codes, it is currently not recommended.
Compiling Gambas on OS X ask to have a good development environment with complex
manipulations. Writing a "HOW-TO" file is in my todo list, but you're advised that it's not
my priority!

Here is a screenshot showing the shrimp.
Story you have water in your mouth ;) .

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Re: Gambas 3 OSX
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2011, 04:46:42 pm »
Interesting, but hopefully he'll be able to use QT Cocoa at some point and lose the X11 dependency....


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Re: Gambas 3 OSX
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2011, 08:25:27 am »
> Any chance of a QT Cocoa version of Gambas in the future?

I don't know the Quartz server. I'm not a Cocoa developer
and Gambas often uses X11 system function calls.
To hope oneday getting Gambas using Qt/Cocoa on Mac OS X,
we must develop similar code to specific functions of X11.
That's not so easy unfortunately.