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Open Forum / Re: Forum Activity
« Last post by John on January 09, 2021, 03:41:38 am »

The SMF forum hosting software is vulnerable to a nasty breach that acts like a Trojan Horse using your site's resources as a spamming server and possibly a proxy. If you're running on default SMF installation permissions you are likely to be already affected. Compare your Themes/default directory contents with the virgin SMF distribution to tell.

The attack seems to be carried out by fake Google and Bing bots. It seems Wordpress and MediaWiki are other packages the breach is targeting. Fortunately WP and Mediawiki isn't installed on any of the sites I host.

I'm amazed by how much of the traffic to your website is bots.

I have spent a couple days tracking down the cause and effect and building a security model that will hopefully prevent it from happening again.

Good luck with this!

On a side note I was please to learn that Gitlab-ce installs OWASP ModSecurity by default.
B4J / Re: B4J
« Last post by John on January 04, 2021, 09:23:24 pm »
I renewed my interest in B4J (BASIC for Java) FREE! I'm hoping to generate some interest with BASIC programmers also interested in cross platform Java apps.

Here is a graphic example I compiled as a standalone executable.

Code: [Select]
#Region  Project Attributes
#MainFormWidth: 600
#MainFormHeight: 400
#End Region

Sub Process_Globals
Private fx As JFX
Private MainForm As Form
Private Canvas1 As Canvas
Private Timer1 As Timer
Private vx = 10, vy = 10 As Double
Private currentX = 100, currentY = 150 As Double
Private smiley As Image
Private size As Double = 50
'smiley rotation
Private deg As Double = 0
End Sub

Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
MainForm = Form1
smiley = fx.LoadImage(File.DirAssets, "smiley.gif")
Timer1.Initialize("Timer1", 20)
Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

Sub Timer1_Tick
   Canvas1.ClearRect(currentX, currentY, size, size)
   If currentX + size > Canvas1.Width Then
     vx = -Abs(vx)
   Else If currentX < 0 Then
     vx = Abs(vx)
   End If
   If currentY + size > Canvas1.Height Then
     vy = -Abs(vy)
   Else If currentY < 0 Then
     vy = Abs(vy)
   End If
   currentX = currentX + vx
   currentY = currentY + vy
   deg = deg + 1
   Canvas1.DrawImageRotated(smiley, currentX, currentY, size, size, deg)
End Sub
Open Forum / Re: Forum Activity
« Last post by John on January 03, 2021, 02:58:26 pm »
I'm glad I was able to recover and repair the forums I host and get them back  online. Losing  over 9 million Google search engine indexes for would be tragic.

Your feedback how my local hosting and new sandbox are running from your end would be appreciated.

The Plesk server (Intel 4 cores 8 GB) and the Sandbox repo server (RPi 4B 8 GB) run at 2.5% CPU utilization and at 45 degrees C. Both have static IPs and running off a fiber connection. (1 gigabit up / down)

I'm currently building two AWS EC2 instances as insurance incase my local hosting resourse go off line. (power outage, fiber down, ...)  They will remain inactive until needed. (restore  current offline backups and change IP references on Route53) As additional insurance (incase the house burns down when I'm away) I've installed the Plesk AWS S3 extension for automated scheduled daily backups. 😊

This local hosting adventure will save me $150 / month eliminating Comcast and AWS.

Plesk Server

  System load:  0.03               Temperature:           38.0 C
  Usage of /:   5.7% of 233.73GB   Processes:             185
  Memory usage: 14%                Users logged in:       0
  Swap usage:   0%                 IPv4 address for eno1:

Gitlab Server

  System load:  1.09                Temperature:           46.3 C
  Usage of /:   13.1% of 116.97GB   Processes:             317
  Memory usage: 64%                 Users logged in:       1
  Swap usage:   0%                  IPv4 address for eth0:

I have a renewed interest In maturing the resources I offer to the BASIC community. It feels like my friends and lurkers around the world stop by the house and visit. 😎
JADE / Re: JadeLib
« Last post by John on January 03, 2021, 01:32:37 am »

Your last post about JADELIB didn't make it in my last offline backup before the AWS instance crashed. Please post it again when you have time.

Scripting Languages / Re: VB6 ActiveX DLL GUI Forms
« Last post by John on November 12, 2020, 12:14:26 pm »
Here is the final version of my ScriptBasic and VB6 ActiveX DLL form project. A multi-threaded application with a VB6 frontend.
Scripting Languages / Re: VB6 ActiveX DLL GUI Forms
« Last post by John on October 11, 2020, 06:05:55 am »
Why I love ScriptBasic.

Dave Zimmer didn't get to support for passing back floats in the VB6 callback routine.

No problem. I pass the float as a STR() and in the SB callback function I do the following to make it a float again.

Code: Script BASIC
  1. fnum = fstr + 0

Open Forum / Re: Forum Members
« Last post by John on October 10, 2020, 09:25:55 am »
What are you writing your terminal project in?

Open Forum / Re: Forum Members
« Last post by AlyssonR on October 10, 2020, 05:16:22 am »
Still kind of around here - but just footling about with stuff rather than advancing projects.

Currently working on a colour serial terminal design (VT320 compatible-ish) using a VGA Monitor and PS/2 keyboard.

Mind you, after the terminal is running, I need to build a keyboard controller, too.
Scripting Languages / Re: VB6 ActiveX DLL GUI Forms
« Last post by John on October 07, 2020, 09:11:46 pm »
I though I would provide an update about how my VB6 and ScriptBasic project is going. My Sage 100 to Postgres SQL interface runs around the clock and is as solid as a rock. Memory use is stable using 1.5% of the CPU.

This is my first ScriptBasic 'for real' threaded application using VB6 as a front end.
Scripting Languages / Re: VB6 ActiveX DLL GUI Forms
« Last post by John on October 07, 2020, 04:17:11 pm »
The Rust version for Windows adopted by Microsoft uses an IDE that looks like VB6. The interesting part is the IDE is encapsulated in a COM/OLE DLL.

I'll post more about the IDE if it can be used generically.
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