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Pauls working BASIC's


These are not specific to RPi, and I use them (Other BASIC Interpreters):

bas-2.5 (BAS 2.4 with fixes and some extensions BIN$ AUTOEXEC.BAS)
bas-2.5-pw (BAS 2.4 with above patches and some extensions, CHAIN MERGE 256 color)
SDL2_Basic (vector graphics, standalone, not scripting)
pistol_Basic (SDL_Basic from above SDL 1.2 branch + GPIO)

they all work at console and in (X-)Windows terminal

the post at the link above has a breakdown, repo links,and others I know also work (used them in the past)

I compile for armv6, armv7, aarch64, 68000 (AtariST), 68040 (ARAnyM), and 68020-060 (MiNT)




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