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Copy utility for Windows QB64
« on: July 20, 2018, 09:19:27 pm »
Attached is a new and improved version of a file copy utility in BASIC for windows QB64:

This utility contains the following features:

multiple destination netpaths, directories, and filenames,
recursive filelists, target directory structure construction,
deletion of source directory/filenames after complete copy,
skips copying zero-length files, recursive directory copying,
append/over-write destination files, resume copying override,
display overrides for wide display and 8.3 ambiguation,
extended display for file date/time, filesize, and attributes,
override to copy to eof char, convert ascii values and filters,
strip ascii chars, nested recursion directory count override,
override destination file date/time to source or specific values,
copy files based on date/time range, based on filesize range,
filename pattern matching, synchronization of source/destination
date/time/filesize, file attribute comparison/reset/restore,
displays progress of file copying in percentage/bar form,
also calculates time/rate transfered, compares exclusion list,
and can perform dos shell on filenames. Source is PD 2017.