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Title: powerbasic-to-cpp
Post by: John on September 16, 2013, 08:43:32 am

Automatically translating source code from one language to another is among the things uCalc Transform (downloadable from ) is designed for. This Open Source project is about constructing the transform file(s) that will tell uCalc Transform how to take PowerBASIC source code as input, and automatically generate equivalent C++ output.

Project resource site (
Title: Re: powerbasic-to-cpp
Post by: John on September 16, 2013, 02:34:39 pm

I'd like to invite Theo, and others interested in being able to compile a 64-bit version of their PB-created components to join the PB to C++ open source project at:

And the P in PB is for PowerBASIC.  Continue using the same familiar PowerBASIC syntax you are used to, and convert the code when you're ready to re-compile the 64-bit version.  This should be relatively easy to do using uCalc Transform.  The more people join, the sooner this open source project can be completed.  For more details see the announcement in the General forum.

Daniel Corbier
uCalc Software


I'm a bit confused how PB programmers that wish to help this open source project along communicate. The site doesn’t seem to offer a forum or mailing list collaboration feature. (maybe I missed it)

You are welcome to use the All BASIC Development forum for your project and have participating advocates join the forum as well.

Another option is to ask José Roca if he would set up a section/board for the project. If this sounds more appealing, (if PB'ers will bite) it makes sense as a way to transition the forum from being PowerBASIC centric to alternatives. I didn't have much luck convincing them that PB was a sinking ship and the author had died. Maybe with the latest developments, it will sink in. Sorry I have been ban for this blasphemy and won't be able to contribute there.  :'( 
Title: Re: powerbasic-to-cpp
Post by: Daniel Corbier on October 29, 2013, 05:11:45 am
Sorry for overlooking this question.  I'm still a newbie in Github.  However, it seems like dialog is possible by clicking the Issues ( link on that page, then the New Issue button (, where you can leave a message.  Other users can respond to it just like a forum thread.