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Gambas 3 RC1 Released
« on: May 21, 2011, 10:04:29 am »
Quote from: Gambas Author
Hi Gambas fellows,

The Gambas 3 RC1 source package is available for download now on the website!

- Who said "already" ?

The aim of this first release candidate is ensuring that Gambas 3 will be
compiled and packaged correctly on the most possible distributions.

So, packagers, please raise from your graves and howl under the moon for each
problem you encounter. And report them on the mailing-list of course.

Some distributions will need a bit of lobbying to ensure that these packages
are put on their main repositories.

I will create a page on the wiki for each distribution to centralize all the
information, like the one that already exist but are a bit of mess.

And now, I must go IRL, I have a rehearsal.

Best regards,

BenoƮt Minisini