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--- Quote from: efgee on September 28, 2010, 06:48:09 pm ---I actually don't see the hurry to leave FreeBasic at all. It served Charles well and it can do so for years to come.


--- End quote ---

Not so. It will not compile with the latest version.


There might be an option to use Bcx(g++) without the ugly asm syntax but a quick look at the Fb Oxygen.dll dictates a bit of restructure. You won't be able to place an asm{} block in the middle of a procedure or in the Bcx code.The asm code could be written in jwasm and compiled to either object modules or a static library and then linked to the main code(dll) written in Bcx (or straight c++).Using g++ STL you have your dynamic strings too.
Just more food for thought.


Well I have cast my vote in favour of Oxygen self-compile :)

I've worked out how to do it incrementally, so there are no large chasms to leap over during development. The biggest concern is being able to test each component in a live system and minimise the chances of bugs getting buried in the new software.

One further advantage is that the self-compiled product could safely expose many of its internal parsing functions as a library. This would be very useful for many data processing applications. The compatibility between  the compiler internals and a program that needs to access then is assured.


on top of what you mentioned:

the runtime could then also be a part of the exe and not in an external dll.
(and only the parts that are really needed...)



Yes the runtime will be small and in the form of an include file of source code. The main advantage of having Oxygen as a DLL dependency is to have JIT compiler services on tap. For instance if you wanted to have an Eval  function available in your application. This is not usually possible in statically compiled code.



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