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--- Quote from: James Fuller ---Bcx 6.20 compiled with the MinGWTD64 g++ compiler for both 32 and 64 bit.


--- End quote ---

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I just try to use BcxRadAsm package on xp.
Not work. ???
I cannot add environment variable.?
Package don't include mingw?
So i try to use my own scintilla editor and use mingw from DevC++.
My editor work fine with BCX ,so bcx use code from editor and translate code properly to C code.
But this freaking Mingw reject to compile this C code into exe?
I try command line like this:
System Getstartpath+"g++.exe",filename+" -o"
i also try:
GWTDC.BAT $FILE$ [-m32|-m64]
what kind of batch file is that ?
So all in all im not very heapy with MingW and im not surprised why is not to much popular on windows like
MS VC ... :-\

I only have one xp system left ( an old HP  P4 with 512meg) and it runs on it just fine if you follow the recommendations.
Thankfully I am blessed with enough extra $ to have an up to date system. The HP is SLOW SLOW SLOW.



--- Quote ---The HP is SLOW SLOW SLOW.
--- End quote ---

If I were you, I would create a XP VirtualBox on your FAST FAST FAST expensive PC.  :)

Speed don't have nothing with MingW,right?
As i say BCX translator work perfect but MingW mumbo-jombo with env-seting is nightmare ::)
Maby i do something wrong ,because DevCpp as default use C:\ .
It looks that PellesC work better but produced exe work little bit slower then exe produced by mingw.


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