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Oxygen Basic 64-bit compiling


Charles Pegge:
I have just released Oxygen A038. This version can generate 64bit binaries.

This adds to the three existing modalities thus:

* compiling 32-bit directly to memory
* compiling to 32-bit EXE/DLL files with Oxygen.dll dependency
* compiling to 32-bit EXE/DLL stand-alone files
* compiling to 64-bit EXE/DLL stand-alone files
In the package, we have accumulated a substantial number of examples for Console, GDI, GDIplus, OpenGL, COM (SAPI), and interfacing for ScriptBasic

Oxygen supports Object-Oriented programming and can also dynamically compile functions at run-time.

It is capable of reading both C-style and Basic-style headers

Also provided is a Scintilla-based IDE and a (somewhat brief) CHM manual

It has taken about 4 years to get this far and there is plenty more to do! All welcome to join in :)

A special thanks to John for hosting the site

Merry Christmas!



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