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I do a lot of my coding via a ssh session, and just started using the Micro terminal editor.

Some would say I should just use VIM, but while I've used it I wanted something lighter, single binary, and cross platform.

It has different themes, supports cut/paste, mouse, and some other stuff.



Does it run on the RPi and allow custom syntax highlighting?

Yes, it runs on the Pi.

To add custom highlighting, you will probably need to recompile it (it's a GO app).

It supports a bunch of languages out of the box already...

It seems to lean towards Lua for scripting.

I like JED more as a console editor.

For the languages that I code in, JED is too limiting.  Plus full mouse support only seems to work in Linux, since you need gpm for the mouse.

JED doesn't do Go, Nim, Powershell, C#, and others that I use.  So while it may be cross platform, it's not especially cross language out the box.



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