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--- Quote from: John on December 24, 2018, 10:32:28 pm ---I think you're missing an opertunity to attract the Linux crowd.

--- End quote ---

Linux has many viable options already, macOS only has PureBasic/RealBasic, and to a lesser degree BlitzBasic.  Of the three, only RealBasic accomplishes what I want from a GUI perspective, but at a cost of a ~12MB runtime per app (plus it ain't free).  So that's my focus.

To be completely honest, MBC pisses me off constantly.  I keep having to fix legacy crap from it's Windows BCX C roots.  That's why I've been adding stuff to JADE recently, because a C++/ObjC++ direction using the Cocoa Framework is where I'm heading....


        BTW, F*** SWIFT.  I have to use so much ObjC code to do stuff, it's not worth the effort.



Makes for exciting times here on the forum. I like the variety and different approaches languages/developers take to solve the same task.

I personally would like to see JADE be the project of interest. It could help with extending C BASIC. I'm planning on pushing the Script BASIC extension modules I wrote which most were done using C BASIC.

I wonder where James Fuller is with his version of BCX?


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