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I was able to create a RTB (Return to BASIC) APK installable Android application. I'll post it after the keyboard issues are resolved. What is interesting and the reason for this post is RTB is a .so (shared object / dynamic link library) when in this form. My understanding at this point is the SDL plug-in is a JNI gateway and your native Linux code is wrapped in a shared object.

This is more in line of what I was hoping for. I could use SDL as my IDE/UI and embedded ScriptBasic which already plays well as an embeddable runtime scripting engine.

My goal at this point is to get the RTB keyboard working and maybe if it's not too difficult add a way to define the starting screen size based on device full screen size. (depending on portrait or landscape orientation)

Hope your new tablet arrives today.  :o

The author of C4droid has the latest SDL 2 and native console app APK generation enhancements released on Play.

I also hope that the BASIC developers that are members of the All Basic developers forum chime in and share each others talents making each BASIC a little bit better.

I was able to get RTB (Return to BASIC) working with the same (almost) fix I made for the Brandy BASIC V Android version. I would be interested in which interactive BASIC you like more and if someone wants to do some benchmarking, all the better. The Ubuntu 64 bit version of RTB is also attached.

--- Quote ---Sprites are (usually) small rectangular or square bitmap images which you can move round the screen under program control. You can create them using one of the many graphical image creation packages available. The file-form at is 24 bits per pixel BMP, and a colour of 254,254,254 is transparent.

LoadSprite (filename$)

This loads a sprite from the supplied fine into memory and returns a handle to the internal sprite data. You need to use the number returned in all future sprite handling functions/procedures.

PlotSprite (sprite, x, y)

This plots the given sprite at the suppled x, y coordinates. The coordinates specify the bottom-left corner of the bounding rect-angle of the sprite.


This removes a sprite from the screen. You do not have to erase a sprite from the screen when you move it, just call PlotSprite with the new coordinates.

--- End quote ---

Sprites is a big advantage over Brandy BASIC V.

Hi - do you still have the source archive for RTB, please? There were a couple of versions that were GPL V3, but Gordon's withdrawn the source of later versions. Unfortunately, your Doxygen archive isn't useful for building the project.

Hope this helps.


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