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ScriptBasic 32 Bit Linux


Armando and I used the ScriptBasic source we built the 64 bit version for to build a 32 bit version for Ubuntu 10.10.

sudo gdebi scriba-v2.1.1_i386.deb  -  Install

sudo apt-get remove scriba  -  Remove

Armando suggested a utility that converts .deb files to .rpm files. (alien)

If someone can give this a try on their Red Hat, CentOS or Fedoria 32 bit distribution and let us know how it worked out, that would be helpful.

If it works, I'll do the same for the 64 bit .deb file.

Armando suggested another option to allow users to install ScriptBasic. (the attached tar file is for 32 bit Linux)

sudo tar xzvpf -C / scriba-v2.1.1_i386.tgz


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