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This code challenge is an attempt to develop a core IDE / GUI  Designer using IUP. Feel free to write your submission in the language you like best. I will be posting an existing IDE project using IUP and written D,

I will be working on Script BASIC and Oxygen Basic versions. My plan for the the SB Windows version is to support OCX controls as well as what IUP supports. A debugger is also planned.

Team efforts are encouraged.

I hope to have the All BASIC GitLab CE local sandbox repository going shortly to support the project teams or individual efforts.


--- Quote ---I've written a new freebasic IDE is called -- poseidonFB
code by D programming language and IUP framework and based on Scintilla component
(Windows: D 1.076 + Tango 0.99.9 +IUP 3.25)
(Linux: D 1.074 + Tango 0.99.9 +IUP 3.25 )

PoseidonFB support:
1. Syntax highlighting
2. Project manager
3. Autocompletion & Calltip
4. Function / Type / Variable... treeview
5. Find / Replace in document or project
6. Jump to defintion
7. Utf-8/16/32 decode & encode
8. Debug
9. Compile / Quick run / Build project
10. etc......

--- End quote ---

poseidonFB project thread on FreeBASIC


Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64 bit)


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