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I thought more VB Classic programmers would have been interested in this thread with the news they can generate applications that runs great on all versions of Windows supporting current controls and theming.


Of course, a lot of VB programmers are still feeling the effects of 2016  ???

Having said that, most of my VB programming is automation rather than interaction, so I don't notice the mismatch.

I gave up on VB6 due the Windows 2000 look and the aging controls that no longer seemed to be supported. Using VBCCR13.OCX and a manifest for VB6.EXE giving me current Windows 7 theming, I have a renewed interest in using it again for the vast  VB6 code base that exists.

--- Quote from: Krool - VBCCR Author ---
--- Quote ---Q. What is the benefit of using these over the existing controls?
Q. Does each control have the same properties? Do they have new properties?

--- End quote ---

The benefit is that these controls are linked to the comctl32.dll, that means they support the latest API calls, functions, properties and visual styles (themes).

The existing common controls 6.0 from MS are not linked to the comctl32.dll, so they doesn't support the visual styles (themes).
Reason why: The controls of the comct32.dll are compiled directly into the common controls 6.0 from MS, but as of state of a old version of comctl32.dll

Only the common controls 5.0 from MS are linked to the comctl32.dll, but the COM hull is very old and so they have a leak of the latest functions and properties. Also controls like the DTPicker, MonthView or UpDown are not included.

--- End quote ---

The VBCCR14.OCX has been released by Krool if you want to update your library.


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