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Here is the current ScriptBasic set of files. The following is how I have SB setup on my development Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet. (running Android 4.03) If your running Android 4.1.x or greater, the /data/local directory has been restricted. I guess a popular rooting hack of making a symbolic link of /data from a renamed /data/tmp to allow setting the device to allow root privileges has been closed. (blown up is a better term I think)

I have created the following directory structure on my development tablet.

/data/local/bin  <-- scriba basic.conf.txt
/data/local/lib   <--
/data/local/inc  <-- sqlite.bas t.bas DVM.bas
/data/local/etc  <-- basic.conf

Next setup the ScriptBasic environmental variable that points where the compiled version of the configuration file lives. This configuration file is need to point wher the lib and inc directories reside. To customize your SB configuration, edit the basic.conf.text in the bin directory and execute the following SB command to create a binary form in the etc directory.

/data/local/bin $ scriba -k basic.conf.txt

If you want a text dump of your current SB configuration, (which could be redirected to a file for editing) do the following.

/data/local/bin $ scriba -D

The attached zip is structured as if you were in /data/local and going to unzip the file there.


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