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Title: Irony - .NET Compiler Construction Kit
Post by: John on December 15, 2013, 01:02:42 pm
The goal of Irony, a new open source project, is to build a complete set of libraries and tools for language implementations in the .NET platform. It is currently in its first phase, which includes building the two compiler front-end modules - scanner and parser. This article provides an overview of the technology, and focuses on parser implementation with Irony. The project is hosted at CodePlex.

Irony brings several principal innovations into the field of compiler construction. Like many parser-building tools in use today, Irony produces a working parser from grammar specifications. However, unlike the existing parser builders, Irony does not use a separate meta-language for encoding the target grammar. In Irony, the grammar is encoded directly in C# using BNF-like expressions over grammatical elements represented by .NET objects. Additionally, no code generation is employed - Irony's universal LALR parser uses the information derived from C#-encoded grammar to control the parsing process.

CodeProject Link (


Thanks angros47 for the e-mail and link to the project(s). It was a kind gesture in the right direction. I will be putting together a thread on the original focus of your e-mail (JSBasic built with Irony) after I have had time to install and play with it.