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ScriptBasic was created by Peter Verhas in Budapest Hungary and released his first version in the late 90s. It was designed as an embeddable scripting engine using the traditional Basic language. Peter strayed a bit and you will see Python and Perl concepts in the language syntax. I took on the project manager role in 2005 when Peter stopped developing the language and moved on to Java based projects.

Even though SB is well documented, (English is a secondary language for Peter) at the user and developer level, it wasn't easy to get my arms around it from a developer standpoint. The high level macro API is great for those wanting to extend the language with extension modules for a tight integration with the core language. When you build a new release of ScriptBasic, everything is created from scratch. (headers, docs, syntax tables, ...) There was a lot of work put into ScriptBasic and I would hate to see this fine effort cease.

Peter wrote a command line front end in C to show how to embedded the scripting engine. (scriba) He also wrote a multi-threaded front end HTTP/FTP server (sbhttpd) as a service to show the thread aware features of the language. SB also supports preprocessors, compiling it's pcode to C using a shared object runtime and is written in ANSI/ISO C for portability.

ScriptBasic is rock solid and a typeless language with no need to DIM arrays or strings. With Armando's contributions, SB now runs on Windows, Linux and OS X in 32/64 bit flavors. I would like to see more extension modules written by contributors. The high level macro API should make this fairly easy to do.

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