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UBX - Universal BCX (Windows & Linux Released)
« on: February 14, 2011, 09:40:01 pm »

Quote from: James Fuller
It's Here!!

This is the initial release of ubx for Windows.
I will be posting the Linux version after I flesh out more demos.

First you will need the MinGwTDM compiler package. While others may work this is the only one I have
used. Make sure you place the bin directory in your path.
You should also download the Win32++ package although it is not necessary to compile the demos.
There are many more demos along with a very good help file.

ubx should also be in your PATH.
This is an early release and as such the doc's are sparse.
I've included 109 console apps that compile and run on Linux,OSX (with MBC),and Windows.
These were put together by Armando. He had a few more but they would not run on Windows so I eliminated them.
Also there are 9 Win32++ Demos which explore the capabilities of GUI Class implementation.
I did run into a couple problems but the beauty of the bcx chain of translators is the ability to just stick in
"c/c++" code where ever you want. I still don't like semi-colons  :)



Quote from: James Fuller
Here is the Linux version of Ubx.
Included is a 32bit binary compiled on Ubuntu 10.10 along with the .bas and .cpp source
 108 console examples and 39 WxWidget demos


UBX/wxWigets Gallery
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