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UBX - Universal BCX
« on: January 22, 2011, 08:13:31 pm »
Looks like the BCX dev team still has a trick or two up their sleeve.  :o

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I am hijacking this board for a new Universal Bcx -> ubx

It is based on Armando Rivera's MBC and the source compiles on OSX,Linux, and Windows.

The feature I like the best is Armando's implementation of c++ Classes and is the reason I have invested the time to add a bit of window's code that was striped from the original so that it would compile with MinGWTDM.

Right now it provides a GUI via wxWidgets so you can write code for all three platforms but I am well aware many windows coders would not even look at it because of the perceived complexity of wxWidgets.

I just re-discovered Win32++ ( and with a little study I hope to have some examples soon.
Back to c++ school.

Stay Tuned.