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The Symbolic Instruction Code Interpreter
« on: December 28, 2019, 12:41:40 am »
Symbolic Instruction Code Kit (S.I.C.K.)

Author: Erik Jon Oredson (alias: eoredson) (
Source: Forum
Version: SICK64D3 (2019)
Tags: [interpreter]

The Symbolic Instruction Code Kit, which contains a QB64 program named SIC64.BAS
and several smaller utility programs. The source code is public domain and can be
found on several sites, including, and

This program uses a recursive descent parser to interpret a psuedo-basic language
written in a line number oriented fashion and can be used for small programming chores.

The archive also contains some further imbedded .zip files which contain several
QB64 sample programs, and some .SIC programs which are used by the SIC engine.

Source Code:
See download(s) below, or follow this link: