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Note: Screenshot of CSED running under Wine.

Quote from: Marc Pons
New evolution: 1.6.2 same LINK:

including : Project Management via Lynx freeware Tool coming from the PowerBasic Community. see
the tool is modified/simplified to work with FreeBasic.

It can access to the files of the project , the variables, the defines , the declarations, the functions/subs , the type, the enums, the select case ... all according your options .

It can import the FbEdit projects files (.fbp), with their main options.
you can also direct compile with Lynx ....

I took into consideration the remarks on comment blocks , it is now an option in the editor options panel to have them same color as comments, but still italic hard coded to not add more parameters maintaining some difference with normal comments (which are different ), or not ( gray , different levels)

the bugs on formatting entire file have been corrected... as i could check

another option: to split or not the variables when formatting also in the editor options panel
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