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BASIC-256 is an easy to use version of BASIC designed to teach anybody (especially middle and high-school students) the basics of computer programming. It uses traditional control structures like gosub, for/next, and goto, which helps kids easily see how program flow-control works. It has a built-in graphics mode which lets them draw pictures on screen in minutes, and a set of detailed, easy-to-follow tutorials that introduce programming concepts through fun exercises.

BASIC-256 Syntax Reference

Statements and Functions - Alphabetic

Statements and Functions - Grouped


Database (SQLite)

Error Handling

File Input/Output


Keyboard and Text



Network Communications

Program Control

String Handling


Time and Date

Other Statements and Functions

So You Want to Learn to Program? (Tutorial using BASIC-256)

Note: Kaspersky IS-2010 complains and warns about the use of this program but I have no reason to believe it is malware or infected.

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Re: BASIC-256
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I'm done testing BASIC-256. No FUNCTION or SUB ability in this version of Basic. I'm unsure of the max string length or the number of array dimensions supported. It looks like a First Basic like language that might get someone interested in programming.


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Re: BASIC-256
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I have tried this one. It is a good starting tool for beginner, but if you have programmed more than few months, this comes too limited pretty fast.


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Re: BASIC-256
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I like the simplicity of the IDE and might try to put something together for ScriptBasic that works in the same manor. (editor, debugger, output window)