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Title: ScriptBasic Windows 64
Post by: John on June 06, 2020, 03:47:42 pm
I'm looking for someone to test ScriptBasic Windows 64 bit before I create an official release. Extension modules will depend on library resouces for 64 bit Windows.

Please reply if you're interested.

Prior use of SciptBasic required for this task.

Here is a quick test of MIN/MAX INT.

Code: Script BASIC
  1. PRINT "Min Int: ", MININT(),"\n"
  2. PRINT "Max Int: ", MAXINT(),"\n"
  4. PRINT FORMAT("%0.f",MAXINT() + 2100000000),"\n"

Min Int: -2147483648
Max Int: 2147483647


If you need unlimited math range, GMP fills the gap.

Code: Script BASIC
  1. DECLARE SUB GMP_MUL ALIAS "mul" LIB "gmp10"
  3. PRINT "MAXINT: ", MAXINT(), "\n"

MAXINT: 2147483647


Title: Re: ScriptBasic Windows 64
Post by: John on June 09, 2020, 10:38:12 am
I have been struggling trying to get a ScriptBasic 64bit IUP extension module to load. Compiles fine but nm and dumpbin shows no exported functions. I'm using TDM-GCC-64 9.20 and IUP's mingw 64 build.

I was able to build an IUP .exe using TDM-GCC-64 without issue.

Has anyone else seen this problem? The makefile works fine with TDM-GCC-32.

FWIW: None of the extension modules I've built and tested show exported functions. IUP is the first not to load when calling IupOpen.

Actually this is a good example why wading in Windows 64 pool can drown you.
Title: Re: ScriptBasic Windows 64
Post by: John on June 11, 2020, 12:35:45 pm
Antonio sent me a link to a nice tool to verify exports and platform base.

I reduced the ScriptBasic IUP 64bit ext. module to two calls. IupOpen and IupClose. It still fails to load yet complies without issue.

I've tried every idea I could come up with but no luck.

Not sure where to go next.