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--- Quote ---Dear community, this site will be closed by the 4th of November 2019.
I think BASIC is now a rather dead language and all BASICs which are a bit more successful do have their own dedicated forums (qb64, FreeBASIC, PureBASIC ...)
Maybe we will meet there again.
Oh, and by the way, this means all my other domains will be closed, too (all related domains).

It was a lot of fun the last years (more than a decade???); all started with that simple Yabasic forum.

I want to thank you all for your participation and wish you the very best for your (programming) future.

--- End quote ---

All RetroB members are welcome on AllBASIC if your looking for a new BASIC home.

Persoal attacks will not be tolerated. There are no second chances.

I would be willing to host a read only copy of the RetroB forum as a sub-domain of AllBasic to retain posts made by members.

Mike Lobanovsky:
I guess the database contains not only the posts but also their attachments (there are no expiry limits on their forums), which are mostly audiovisuals and the like that sometimes may be even more meaningful than the posts themselves.

Do you think you could also support those?

If Cybermonkey can do a SQL dump of the forum DB and zip up the attachments directory I can recreate it as a read only forum on a sub-domaim. I have no interest in supporting another dying BASIC forum.


There are about 27,600,000 results (indexes) for for Google alone. Stuff posted here gets seen.

The RetroBASIC forum archive is now available to view. (ReadOnly)

It looks like everything ported over (posts / attachments) but I did notice a few images that didn't make it. Let me know if you discover any other issues.


You may want to redirect the current URL to If that isn't possible, transfer the URL to me and I'll setup a redirect host.

Your BASIC mortuary and birthing resource. 🙃

Mike Lobanovsky:
Thank you, John!


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