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Just ordered PINE64 ROCK64 single board computer. Interesting to see how it performs...

I just got a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that seems pretty fast. Down side with the RPi is it's only 1 GB of system memory and Raspbian is 32 bit.

I'm seriously considering the Nvidia Jetson Nano.  The GPIO is surprisingly fairly compatible with the Pi, so you can use some of the add on HW with it.

I have 2 RasPi 3b+ units, which work okay as Retro Gaming units and Streaming Video players (I have a dedicated Video server I built using Linux that hosts the videos and games - the Pi's work good, but my Nvidia Shield smokes the Pi at both as it should since it costs quite a bit more), but I'm looking for a new plaything.

The knock (by some) against the Nano is that it uses proprietary drivers and such from Nvidia, which aren't open source.  Still, check out those specs!  LOL.


That is a nice board for the price!

The other thing that sucks about the is Raspbain is a 32 bit OS. The 1 GB a ram also sucks.

I have been playing a couple of days with my new ROCK64 based computer. Suprisingly it's fast enough to be used as a desktop replacement for most of my work.

8th works great with this setup. Attached is a picture with 8th running my simple analog clock and mine sweeper game. You can also notice that running fibo(4784969) takes just 800 msec.


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