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Ubuntu "SNAPS" are Pieces of S**T


So, I use Visual Studio Code as my primary cross-platform code editor.

I have Ubuntu running on a Dell 7930 Laptop, which is a quad-core i5 running at 2.6Ghz, 8GB of memory and a 250GB ssd drive.

I installed VSCode via their "App" store, which installed a snap.

I launched it, and waited almost 15 seconds for it to actually show on my screen.

Thinking it was first time launch related, I exited and relaunched.  Again, another ~15 seconds to launch.

Each time I launched it, the same thing happened.  And scrolling through code was slow as well.

I uninstalled the snap, and instead installed the DEB file from....Microsoft....{shudder}.

Start up is almost instant, scrolling is smooth.

Other apps I've installed as snaps are also slow to start, and sluggish to use.  So they didn't last long on my system.

The idea is a good one, but with performance this bad I find it amazing that it's become a sort of standard.



--- Quote ---I find it amazing that it's become a sort of standard.

--- End quote ---

I'm surprised that a web browser scripting language became what people are creating enterprise servers with.


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