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I'm amazed the forum group believes creating a language is as easy as solving a crossword puzzle. But what do I know, I'm just an open source project maintainer. I think QBasic is a more difficult BASIC to learn than Script BASIC. SB is a tradition BASIC syntax embeddable scripting engine in a < 500KB footprint.

My interests aren't being a hobby programmer. I do this for a living. My hobby (free time) is spent contributing to and facilitating meaningful open source projects.

For those that can't see beyond the end of their nose, Script BASIC console mnemonics are provided with the CIO extension module. See the cio_color demo that comes with the Windows Install.

A plus for Script BASIC is if the functionality you need isn't part of the language, you can add it seamlessly with an extension module.

@Tomaaz - While I'm solving my needs with a few lines of Script BASIC code, you're off being serious with some bloated rats nest of a scripting language.

You asked Peter (BaCon author) what he thought of Script BASIC. He is a good person to ask as is Charles and Mike. Peter is a very bright programmer that wrote a few extension modules for the language. The BaCon syntax is an extension of Script BASIC and at the time he was using it, he was a big fan.

Peter's gtkserver extension module is still one of my favorites. A high level UI and FFI API that was the motivation for DLLC on Windows. Peter also wrote the original Online Dictionary program which I use as my GUI Hello World standard on multiple OS environments.

Peter Verhas once said that if he would have known Python was going to be so popular, he would have never put the effort he did into Script BASIC.

It depends on the crossword.  :o


--- Quote from: Aurel@RetroB ---Script Basic primary thing is as far as i know server-side scripting is it?
so as such this language is not for most hobby -enthusiast etc programmers
and also primary target is Linux.

--- End quote ---

Script BASIC is primarily used for its embedding ability. Linux is where my primary interests reside. I still have clients married to Windows so I continue to support the platform.

Right now I am rather chained to Windows - my mineral collection database is on Access and my documents are all in Word & Excel.

I do rather want to migrate to a cross-platform environment and away from Access. Barring a few forms with large amounts of automation in them, my Word and Excel files can all be handles in Open Office or the likes.


Thanks for your feedback on RetroB. A few comments.

[*] Script BASIC is now MIT thanks to Mike's effort working that out with Peter Verhas.
[*] Script BASIC runs on ALL flavors of Linux, Unix, Windows 32/64 bit.
[*] Script BASIC is embeddable with unlimited expansion possibilities.
[*] Script BASIC may not run as fast as BaCon but for what most users would use a BASIC for, the speed difference isn't a factor.

I have 13 years invested in the project. Peter Verhas moved on to become a Java expert. He has already written a few books on the topic.


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