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--- Quote ---    BTW  None of the above links work for me.

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The files are actually there; filegate is simply taking too long to reply causing a connection timeout..

If you want, I can upload the files on this site, however I don't know what category a DND game/BBS communication game it would be in. Besides the main .zip contains many .exe files and is 18MB. Your call >:(


Whatis "dndbbs"?

The dndbbs project was originally started in 1980 as a serial port bbs communications project as a spinoff of a door to rbbs.
It's main release was the v2 series in 1990, and later reissued in 2015 as the v5 series after 25 years of work.

The dndbbs supports 64 ports, multinode filesharing, and 127 possible nodes. It works in dos and cmd only on xp though.
History: dndbbs was initially written in qb45, later extended to pds71 and finally vb10 pro (the last greatest ms dos compiler).

Unfortunately, even I wanted to upload it, your maximum limit per upload is 10MB -- could you increase this limit??

Thanks, Az.

I'll see what I can do about increasing the attachment size.

You may want to break it up into smaller zip files for now. I think you can have up to 5 attachments per post.

DNDBBS post by you

I have increased the attachment size if you want to give it another try.

I might need to make a change to the PHP settings but lets see if what I did helps.


PS  Your links in the last post now seem to work. Thanks!

I tried to attach the main executables ( twice and after several minutes it reset to a blank new post page.



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