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I discovered ScriptBasic in early 2005. The author (Perter Verhas) was moving on to another project so I took over as project manager of ScriptBasic. I have hosted the site since 2005. The original site can still be found at The project has had help from Armando Rivera which updated the extension modules to current levels (3rd party libraries) and put together a easier to use make system for Windows. Armando is also responsible for getting 64 bit running on all major platforms and creating the mini-xml, iODBC and IUP GUI extension modules. I can't thank Armando enough for all the work he invested into the project to give it new life.

ScriptBasic is an embeddable scripting engine API based on traditional Basic with a sprinkle of Python and Perl like functionality. The distribution comes with a command line interpreter and multi-threaded HTTPD applications server. These two examples show how to embed the scripting engine with C as the host language. The old AllBasic forum sponsored a code challenge to embed ScriptBasic in other Basic languages. Examples were shown of embedding ScriptBasic in BCX, PowerBASIC, FreeBASIC and thinBASIC/O2.

I think one of ScriptBasic's strongest feature is it's extensibility using extension modules. There is an extensive API for a tight integration with your interface and ScriptBasic to give the user an easy to use interface to your extension to the Basic. ScriptBasic comes with MySQL, ODBC, XML, cURL, zlib, and a set of ScriptBasic specific extension modules.

Its easy to become spoiled with not having to be concerned about variable types or dimensioning or declaring them. ScriptBasic supports namespaces with module scope and can call functions and subs indirectly with optional argument support. ScriptBasic doesn't support pointers at the user level but does include a REF feature that allows building complex structures easily.

ScriptBasic is well documented both at the user and developer level which can be found on the WIKI. There is only one source tree for all platforms and supports both 32 and 64 bit operating systems. ScriptBasic was written in C and follows the ANSI standard.

John Spikowski
ScriptBasic Open Source Project Manager


Steve A.

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Hey John,
I'm impressed with ScriptBasic's capabilities.
Looking at the commands list, (at it seems like a very rich and powerful language.

ScriptBasic is an embeddable scripting engine API based on traditional Basic with a sprinkle of Python and Perl like functionality
I'm glad you make that distinction. So many interpreter/compiler writers, these days, neglect to state things like that. And, newbie programmers (with little or no prior experience with other BASIC dialects)  easily make the assumption that a given 'command set' or features are natural to all BASIC dialects.

I don't know when development of ScriptBasic began, but, had I known of it back in 2000, I may never have begun work on Bxbasic.
At that time, I had a need for some CGI scripting and porting some 16-bit code to 32 bit.
I think I will be bending your ear in the near future.


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Re: ScriptBasic
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I believe ScriptBasic started development back in 1996 and was production stable in early 2000. I may be biased but it's one of the most flexible Basic languages I have ever worked with. I'm still finding new ways to use the language. The ScriptBasic open source project isn't promising 14 virgins on your demise if you contribute but all help is welcome and appreciated. My hope is that I can get enough users on board that Armando will once again see the value of his work.