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Nimrod - Windows 32 Files
« on: September 28, 2013, 07:01:51 pm »
To make installing Nimrod for Windows a little easier, I assembled the archives needed to get you going. (67 MB total for all downloads)

Nimrod & MinGW-gcc (download is really slow from the Nimrod site so it's available here)

Gtk2 Windows for Nimrod (all others I've tried don't work)

Aporia IDE for Nimrod (pre-compiled) (this can go in your Nimrod directory)

Aporia source (this can go in your Nimrod directory as well)

Gtk source view component for Aporia (extract this into your Gtk2 directory)

The Nimrod install pretty much take care of itself. Your will need to add the Gtk2 bin to your search path.

I will keep these updated as changes occur.

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