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I'm adding the core extension module FUNCTION/SUB syntax helpers to SBIDE's syntax tip help. After entering a keyword or extension function name and a ( the syntax tool tip will display. As you enter arguments the tool tip will move to the next argument. Once I completed the SBIDE enhancements I will post it here. I will include the updated SBIDE in the next Inno install build.

Hot Keys

ctrl-f - find/replace
ctrl-g - goto line
ctrl-z - undo
ctrl-y - redo

F2     - set breakpoint (runtime only)
F5     - go
F7     - single step
F8     - step over
F9     - step out

The ScriptBasic IDE / Debugger uses an OCX control that wraps the Scintilla source code editor.

This ActiveX control is a non visual component which wraps
Scintilla's features into an easy to use control.  It also provides
easy access to many features supported by Scintilla such as
AutoComplete, Code Tips, Folding, Syntax Highlighting, and more.

It comes in the form of two non visual components.  The first is
the actual Scintilla Wrapper.  The second smaller control provides
a basic binary style file format and support for setting the style
settings and several other options to scintilla.  It also includes
an ExportToHTML function.

I have created a project in the SandBox for scivb2.

I'm seriously thinking about redoing the SBIDE editor / debugger using VBCCR to update the common controls used. I would also like to incorporate some of the additional features of scivb2 like code folding. I would  like a FUNCTION/SUB listbox for quick access as well.

One possibility is to use IUP for the IDE which supports a COM object container which scivb2 could live in. This would allow me to use ScriptBasic as the primary language of design rather than VB6. Another advantage of using IUP is it has a dialog layout feature that would allow me to incorporate forms designer into the IDE.

I really don't want to take on this project alone and looking for others that would like to contribute.


I was able to create a simple ScriptBasic based editor with highlighting and intellisense support just adding the scivb2 control and the intellisense support module from the SBIDE project.

Creating a new look with additional functionality shouldn't be that difficult.

If you want to get a good feel for what the Scintilla editor can do there is a great demo editor (SciTE) that shows its features


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