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VB6 ActiveX DLL GUI Forms


I just completed a project for a client that used a VB6 ActiveX DLL form and a ScriptBasic thread for the process keeping the UI active and updated with the threads status.

If there is any interest in using portable UI components in your next project leave a post or I will just keep this for myself if no one cares.

The Rust version for Windows adopted by Microsoft uses an IDE that looks like VB6. The interesting part is the IDE is encapsulated in a COM/OLE DLL.

I'll post more about the IDE if it can be used generically.

I though I would provide an update about how my VB6 and ScriptBasic project is going. My Sage 100 to Postgres SQL interface runs around the clock and is as solid as a rock. Memory use is stable using 1.5% of the CPU.

This is my first ScriptBasic 'for real' threaded application using VB6 as a front end.

Why I love ScriptBasic.

Dave Zimmer didn't get to support for passing back floats in the VB6 callback routine.

No problem. I pass the float as a STR() and in the SB callback function I do the following to make it a float again.

--- Code: Script BASIC ---fnum = fstr + 0 

Here is the final version of my ScriptBasic and VB6 ActiveX DLL form project. A multi-threaded application with a VB6 frontend.


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