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I thought it might be helpful if the members here on the AllBasic.INFO forum would introduce themselves and tell us about your Basic background and what variation of the language you primarily use.



Just joined here...

Here's the "Basic & Me" bit :)

About 77/78 My school had an HP9830 Desktop mini thing which ran BASIC. It has a one-line display, printer, but could read in programs via mark-sense cards. It used to travel round schools in the area (Edinburgh, Scotland) and I think would spend a few weeks at each school. We also had a TTY33 & acoustic coupled modem to the local computing centre (Moray House, Edinburgh) which we could dial up and ask for BASIC! Great times.

Then a few months later I was invited to help the teachers pick a new microcomputer for the school - Apple II, PET or TRS-80. The Apple II won, no contest and that was that. Apples ruled schools in Edinburgh for a few years, then the BBC Micro came in '82 ish.

Fast wind forward to now and nearly 2 years ago when doing a clear-out, I found some of the programs I'd written on the Apple II back then (printouts!) - though it would be good to see them live again, had an idea I'd translate them into C or something, but bought an Apple II - and those 32 year old floppys still worked! Then had a "how hard can it be" moment and decided to write my own BASIC interpreter (RTB, or Return to Basic) - based lossley on some of the Apple II syntax and some of the BBC Micro syntax and off I went...

I think I did a reasonable job of it and now enjoy tinkering and writing programs in my own BASIC! It supportes line-number less programming (the released version needs an external editor, but I have a new version with a built-in 'nano'-like screen editor. I decided to stray from the "standards" slightly in that I implemented one universal looping construct - cycle...repeat. e.g. for i = 1 to 10 cycle ... repeat, or while i < 10 cycle...repeat. While and Until can be at the top or bottom of the loop, so: cycle ... repeat until i > 10 and so on.

Multi-line procedures and functions are supported as well as local variables. Arrays can be indexed by strings too: a ("hello") = 42 so you get a sort of associative array.... (It was put in as a challenge fro a friend who was thinking I could add in support for SqLite - which I may still do, who knows).

There's no OO.

Graphics - it uses SDL under Linux and supports lines, points, shapes and turtle graphics. There is also some support for sprites. Sound support is on the cards next.

And while I didn't originally intend it to be used on the Raspberry Pi, it runs quite well on it and I've added in support for the Pi's GPIO via my own wiringPi library.

(And there may be an offering of my BASIC for the Pi bundled with some hardware under the name FUZE BASIC too - a work in progress!)

So there you go! BASIC for about 35 years now, and fully intending to use it for the next 35 ;-)

(And I've still not run those old programs - one of which was a turtle graphics intreperter written in Applesoft BASIC... I have them on Apple II floppy disc, but need a serial card for my Apple to transfer them off)


Daniel Corbier:
I'm Daniel Corbier.  I started programming with GW-BASIC, and eventually went to Turbo Basic.  I've dabbled in a number of other varieties of BASIC as well.  Today, in terms of BASIC, I regularly use PowerBASIC and Visual Basic.NET.  I also use my own BASIC interpreter (included in the \Langague directory of the uCalc Transform download at ).  Along the way, I've developed an interest in many other programming languages beyond BASIC as well.  I currently write commercial parsing software, which can parse source code from various programming languages.

I recently started an Open Source project for converting PowerBASIC to C++, using uCalc Transform.  The link is at:

Greetings everyone. My name is Jesse, and my 'company', if you want to call it that, is WarSOFT Apps. I am a truck driver by trade, and a computer enthusiast by drive. I write utility apps for truckers on the Android platform using a tool from another developer which I enhanced and renamed to B4Script, which can be downloaded in the code repository. If you're interested, there is a thread in the Scripting forum about it.

My first computer was a Vic-20. Remember those? 3.5kb of ram, cassette drive, and I loved it. For a while. Then I upgraded to a 16k Atari 800, then a 64k Atari 800XL. I was a true computer junkie, through and through. Using the book, The Atari Basic Source Book as a guide, I added over 50 new commands to Atari Basic, similar to what GFA Basic author Frank Ostrowski did with his 8-bit TurboBasic for the Atari. Integers were introduced, and loop functions were drastically sped up. unfortunately, this is my 'big fish' story, and it was never published, and I was unable to locate any of the disks or printouts after a move overseas. >sad face<

I later moved to a pc clone and ran a bbs while stationed in California in the USAF. Mastering different basic's along the way, I finally topped out with VB6 later while working for an ISP in North Carolina, where my main responsibility was custom coding for customers and fulfilling the needs of the ISP such as calendars and online RSVP apps. Another area I was assigned was the very first initial roll-out of ADSL. There I also learned to skydive and accumulated over 200 jumps before giving it up.

These days I can be found riding around with my wife Sue and dog Boji on our RZR, or in our jacked up 4x4 Ford, or sitting by the wood stove watching "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dive's", or "Big Bang Theory" on the big screen. I'm not a coding fanatic like in the past, due to time restraints, but I still manage to get my fix every now and then. My biggest 'want-to' as far as computer programming is concerned, is to build my own object oriented basic from scratch. I think I would like to use Basic4android development system.

I was really glad to run across this forum, and extend super-kudos to John for all his hard work and determination to bring this, and us, all together. Thank you!!!

Wonder why I didn't see this thread earlier???  Oh well, blame it on my age ...

My name is Tom Bohon and I've been in the software business since 1966 ... almost 48 years now.  Spent 22+ years in the USAF working in IT and, for a while, as a Missile Combat Crew Commander, Flight Commander and Command Post Controller ... then back to my field as the Chief of Data Processing for my base.  My last assignment before retiring was as the Chief, Survivability Branch, Modeling and Simulation Division at the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center in Albuquerque, NM.  That was a great assignment - lots of air-to-air and air-to-ground simulations written in Fortran with data analysis, etc.  If they hadn't insisted I was going to the Pentagon I'd probably have stayed on active duty ... instead I retired and came home to Washington state.

My first post-USAF job was working for the State of Washington developing software systems on IBM mainframes to assist in the administration of student financial aid programs.  That involved a lot of scripting as well as a lot of COBOL source code.  I then went to a non-profit healthcare system where I'm about to complete my 17th year.  Oh and for 12 years I taught Computer Science as an adjunct faculty member at two local community colleges.

I started using BASIC many years ago ... right after I built my Heathkit H8 system and upgraded it from two tape drives to a dual floppy system.  Had a lot of fun with that and with the Kaypro 10 that followed - actually developed a program to register, monitor and compute awards for local base blood drawing sessions which made the Colonel very happy ...  :D

Today I use a variety of different languages - as a developer I'm expected to use Visual Studio 2013 at work although I also use Perl, BASIC (several different dialects, whichever seems most appropriate), C and a C# file transfer system/language I developed for use at work.  At home I've been playing with Liberty Basic and Euphoria ... the latter fascinates me for some reason but lack of time keeps me from being really productive with it.

Non-computer interests are amateur radio - I'm a licensed ham operator and the team lead for the county's Amateur Radio Emergency Service team.  That team supports emergency communications and first responder agencies within the county and involves lots of training and drills.

I'm also back into my photography and would like, at some point, to put down the full time coding pencil and make it my primary means of 'entertainment'.  I work with a racing Greyhound adoption group and enjoy taking photos of dogs and other animals so perhaps I can find an opportunity to help out the local adoption groups and the shelter by taking 'decent' photos of their animals to try and get them adopted.

Can't think of anything else.  I've been somewhat remiss in checking in to this and other sites - a couple of health scares (I'm coming up on #68 this year!) - but am back in the saddle and pushing forward.

And John thanks for the site ... I promise to try and help out in any way that I can.


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