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Mike is playing Santa this year and released his GLSL shader for Windows 32 which he calls Fraxter 3D.

Running under Wine

Mike Lobanovsky:
Thanks for extra publicity, John!

There's a Russian saying that teaches "The more there is of a good man, the better." :)

I wouldn't call it a "version of Boxplorer" though. It does use fractal shaders whose interface is compatible with Jan Kadlec's (a.k.a. Rrrola) original Mandelbox fragment shader but anyone proficient enough in basic GLSL can write shaders that won't have anything to do with Rrrola. This is where all similarity ends.

The viewer itself is a completely different affair and written from scratch following the general trends of a simple GLSL application. It is Fraxter3D and nothing else, therefore it has its own liberal license and it will lead, so help me God, its own independent life.

There's also a much simpler Demo version published recently on the thinBasic forum. It's shown as it runs under my Sustenance-themed XP Pro Sp3. It runs of course also under Vista up to 8.1:

Hi. Where can I download the last version of FBSL ? The forum is not available anymore  :-[


--- Quote ---Hi. Where can I download the last version of FBSL ? The forum is not available anymore
--- End quote ---

Mike has been ill and I've seen him come up for air on Patrice's forum.

Mike Lobanovsky:
Hi everyone,

The FBSL forum was down for a considerable length of time due to a major breakdown at our server provider's but has been fully recovered recently.

You can download the latest publicly available version of FBSL v3.5 RC2 following the guidelines in this link and all further links it refers to.

Thanks for taking interest in FBSL.


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