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I needed to automate a few tasks in a browser and ran across a Firefox plug-in from MIT. The source to this plug-in is a combination of JavaScript, Java and AJAX.

Chickenfoot is a Firefox extension that puts a programming environment in the browser's sidebar so you can write scripts to manipulate web pages and automate web browsing. In Chickenfoot, scripts are written in a superset of Javascript that includes special functions specific to web tasks.

Running this chickenfoot script on will replace the google logo with the ninja.png image.

--- Code: ---    replace('Google image',
      '<img src="">')

--- End code ---

Chickenfoot Website

Looks interesting ... reminds me of GreaseMonkey.

I do suspect a name change is in the offing though:

Chickenfoot (software)

GreaseMonkey (subset ?) doesn't seem to have as much functionality as Chickenfoot but the scripts are compatible from what I read.

All I have to do now is figure out how to embed SB as a browser plug-in.  ???


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