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Array Class Challenge

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Over on the Raspberry Pi forum I created an array extension module due to ScriptBasic arrays (linked lists) being so slow. I thought this might be a good challenge here on the forum.

Array Class

Linux Array Librarry

Extra points for dumping arrays to .CSV and XML files.

All languages welcome.

Mike Lobanovsky:
Not sure if your extension module written in an interpreted language can beat the performance of native array functionality built into the core by the language developer.

Interpretation usually runs some 100 times slower than native code.

The TA extension module is based on a static C array in a shared object. I needed 100,000,000 elements for the Tatami 200 challenge. SB could only do 120 and slow as hell.  With the TA extension module I'm 15 seconds slower than the pure C version.

Tatami 200 RPi Challenge

Mike Lobanovsky:

--- Quote ---I needed 100,000,000 elements for the Tatami 200 challenge.
--- End quote ---

Thanks John,

At least now we can see what the subject of the challenge looks like...

The ScriptBasic submission will look like BASIC even though it is done in C.


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