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My new fun project is Farm Simulator 19. The software is installed and I waiting for the game controllers to arrive tomorrow.

Farm Simulator 19 Demo

Equipment Overview

Farm Sim News


Fun Time!

My highlight of the day was running over (mangling) and through a STOP sign with my tractor.  :-X

I'm going to post some of my favorite screen shots from the Farm Simulator forum and other resources I find. Developers are actually selling mods to add to your farm(s).

Note: Some of the screenshots are from earlier versions of Farm Simulator and don't show the resolution 19 offers.

Mike Lobanovsky:
I've never thought I'd ever see you buying gaming gear and actually playing computer games! ;D

Yeah, men remain big children for life...


This is a high quality agricultural / heavy equipment simulator and SDK.

Okay, I'm having a bit of fun as well.


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