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BaCon 3.8.1 Released - Sandbox Updated
« on: January 01, 2019, 01:55:44 pm »
Quote from: Peter@BaCon Forum

BaCon version 3.8.1 has just been released and can be obtained from the BaCon website. Please try to refresh your browser cache if the new package is not visible in your browser immediately.

This is a maintenance release with a few important updates and fixes:

  • BaCon now supports HTTP proxys if such a proxy is set in the environment variables 'HTTP_PROXY' or 'http_proxy'
  • The embedded ASCII editor has been extended with additional functionality like copy&paste and editing in the alternate screen
  • The semantic error checking has been made less strict to allow conditional OPENs and MEMORYs
  • The infamous POKE argument parsing now has been fixed permanently
  • A long-standing issue with DECLARE and dynamic arrays has been resolved
  • Various bug fixes and code optimizations

A note to packagers and (beta-) testers: the configure script was changed so it will only compile one GUI. It tries to autodetect the available graphical toolkit on the target system and generates the corresponding Makefile. Even so, it is still possible to force compilation of both GUI's by providing the correct arguments to the configure script. Please check './configure --help' for details.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this latest release, both forum members and also people who have reached out to me by e-mail or have sent a donation.

See the full list of changes for more details (please refresh your browser cache to see the latest).

Best regards