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I have the All BASIC GitLab CE Sandbox available for establish members. If you're a contributor on the forum, this feature is for you. Public and private repositories. PM me for more details or an account for the sandbox.

GitLab Features  (All BASIC Sandbox)

--- Quote ---If you only want to download open source software Community Edition is the best choice. This distribution does not contain proprietary code. Functionally it will behave the same as Enterprise Edition without a license.

--- End quote ---

The Script BASIC Development repository is now active in the All BASIC Sandbox. This repository was initially created by AIR cleaning up the distribution and adding WEEKNUM to the FORMATDATE core SB interpreter. I plan to add the extension modules I have built over the years to be improved on as well.

All BASIC Public Sandbox Repositories

I ran into a project that sounds interesting called Gitbase. Do you view this tool as beneficial?

The GitLab Web IDE is a great editor that integrates with your project repository seamlessly.

Intro Video


Could you post a dependency list and the links to the libraries for download for the SB iOS build? I'm currently doing the same for the Linux version.



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